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A Little About The Business Owners

Trent and Myra Westphal own Dazzling Paws Jewelry. The Westphal's are proud owners of three adopted rescue dogs; two purebred Border Collies- Pyro and Flip and one purebred Sheltie- Joy. Pyro came from our local shelter in Portage County, WI. Flip is a foster failure. We had fostered many Border Collies for rescue groups and always knew our place was to help them in their journey to their perfect forever home, until Flip… he entered our lives as a foster but it didn’t take long before we knew he was meant to stay here with us! Joy is a transport rescue failure. We volunteered to help with transporting this sweet Sheltie girl for Sheltie rescue but she fit in like she'd always been with us and we knew it was fate, for her to stay. This little Sheltie girl was the first female dog that we felt a strong connection to and she has been a pure joy, hence the name Joy. Trent used to actively train and compete in agility with Pyro and they did a little herding, until Py told us he was ready to retire. Myra enjoys "recreational" herding and Dock Diving with Flip as fun activities and outlets for Flip's energy and instincts. Shelby was Myra's Heart dog and one of the co-founding dogs of the business. Shelby passed away in 2011 but her legacy will always be the profound impact she made in our lives and in the business.

We have been helping Border Collie Rescue in various capacities since 1999, including fundraising. We have also fostered many Border Collies, transported countless dogs across the country while traveling to shows, helped rehabilitate dogs with training issues so they could be successfully re-homed and we’ve generally helped or supported Border Collie Rescue efforts in any way we can.

Myra has always been an animal lover and grew up surrounded by creatures and critters of every kind. Trent came from an athletic, sports minded, busy household. His active background was a great fit.

We have a great love and passion for animals and have felt strongly about giving back to the animal community. We enjoy being on the road, seeing our dog friends plus getting feedback and inspiration about our products. We take great pride in the relationships we’ve made and stories we’ve shared. It is true… we will often remember your dog’s name first before we remember yours but curiously most people don’t mind and many tell us that they are the same way. It’s a “dog person” thing.

An Interview of Trivial but Fun Facts:

If your brain was a color, what color would it be? Myra’s would be fiery red. She is always thinking and moving. Myra is energetic, active, outgoing and very creative! Trent’s brain would be blue-grey. He is very thoughtful and calming. Trent is very level-headed, steady and has a wicked sense of humor! Trent is the Yin to Myra’s Yang.

What does Myra like most about jewelry? Myra loves jewelry for the way it makes her feel. She appreciates style, design, and craftsmanship yet what really resonates with her is wearing jewelry pieces that have meaning and significance at a specific time in her life. All of the pieces in Myra's own personal jewelry collection have a story behind them, mark an occasion, or keep her connected to a special person, animal or memory. That philosophy carries over into the artistry of the business as well, lending imagination and inspiration to the pieces Myra crafts as the Designer for Dazzling Paws Jewelry.

What are Myra's favorite Dazzling Paws Jewelry pieces? Myra's favorite jewelry creations include Journey Paws, Chasing My Tail and In the Arms of an Angel. She explains why she likes those two in particular, "I like Journey Paws because it signifies how we all choose one path over another and marvel at the journey along the way". Myra continues, "I really like Chasing My Tail and it is very special for its fun and irony. I often feels like I am chasing my tail (if I had one)". And the piece that will always hold great sentimental significance for Myra is: In the Arms of an Angel, inspired by/for her heart dog Shelby Rae who passed away in the fall of 2011.

How or where does Myra get ideas for jewelry designs? Myra is very driven and passionate about design. It's common to find her carrying a notebook or sketchpad that magically appears when inspiration strikes whether she sees an interesting person or animal, is enjoying a beautiful place or stimulating conversation and especially when she is captivated by fascinating textures and shapes. Besides her love of animals, Myra in an avid reader of design books, industry magazines and the Wizard of Ads materials. Myra stays on the cutting edge of dog jewelry designs to be able to share her talent and vision. Myra feels gratified when customers have something that makes them feel special and brings a smile to their face while wearing it!

Do Myra and Trent run Dazzling Paws Jewelry by themselves? Myra is quick to laugh and respond, "Oh my gosh no. We have grown so much over the years and with that growth our needs, the demands on our time, and our desire for specialized expertise has also increased. Today we have an entire team of people that work for us in Graphics, CAD, IT, website management, copy writing, sales, accounting, marketing associates, and product specialists. We will always remain very hands-on with the business but we are also very fortunate to be able to hire some of the most goal-oriented, talented individuals who contribute to our success and make this business dream a fabulous reality!"
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