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Shop unique Basenji jewelry gifts for dog moms. Sterling silver Basenji necklaces and earrings reflect the courageous spirit and athleticism of the sighthound. Basenji owners will be jumping up and down with excitement to find high quality Basenji pendants and personalized paw print ribbon accessories to celebrate accomplishments in lure coursing, agility, tracking and obedience competitions.
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West Africa’s Barkless Dog, the Basenji is a skilled hunter. The small, graceful hound runs with the smooth strides of a miniature racehorse. The speed, courage and intelligence of the Basenji are crucial traits as the sighthound is used to lure lions out of their caves in countries like Kenya. Basenji translates to “jumping up and down dog”, the ability of the small dog to leap vertically is an important skill used for hunting in the tall African grasslands. Basenjis are believed to be among the first domesticated dogs. The dogs were brought up the Nile as gifts to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Basenjis can be seen depicted in ancient artifacts from Egypt, and in ancient Babylonian and Mesopotamian art.

Today the Basenji retains its strong instinct to hunt, explosive speed, and keen sense of smell. Basenji’s excel when competing in lure coursing, tracking, obedience and agility competitions. Their sleek short coat, tightly curled tail and expressive eyes seem to convey a wide range of human emotions. While your neighbors will never hear the Basenji bark they might hear the yodel like vocalization that is also a hallmark of the breed.