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Find handcrafted Bearded Collie jewelry that pays homage to the heritage of the captivating herding dog. The distinctive line of sterling silver Beardie necklaces and earrings make unique gifts for dog moms. Pair the charming Bearded Collie pendants with high quality personalized paw print enhancers to create a one-of-a-kind gift that honors your favorite dog.
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The Bearded Collie comes from humble beginnings as a resilient herding and droving dog in the Scottish Highlands. The ultimate shaggy dog with a thick double coat was well equipped for the raw climate and hilly terrain of Scotland. Known to be intelligent and self-confident, Beardies were valued by shepherds for their ability to put in a long work day controlling cattle or driving the herd to market. You may have heard this charismatic herding dog referred to as a Highland Collie or a Mountain Collie but they are one in the same.

The first litter of U.S. Beardies was born in 1967 and entered the AKC stud book in 1977. Bearded Collies were charter members of AKC’s herding group which was established in 1983. Today’s enthusiastic Bearded Collies use a bark and bounce clownish approach to get stubborn sheep to move. The Beardie is ready for anything with boundless energy to compete in obedience, rally, agility and other dog sports. Outdoorsy families with a peppy lifestyle will find the Bearded Collie to be an affectionate and energetic addition to the family.