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Bloodhound jewelry is bound to make a statement when you shop our line that is not found in stores. Get your friends barking with a unique Bloodhound necklace, or stun your friends with our unique Bloodhound earrings that have feet in the body to indicate their sharp sense of smell where they are used for search and rescue missions across the globe. You are sure to find an authentic piece of Bloodhound jewelry that would make a great gift for any dog lover.
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Known for its sharp sense of smell and signature wrinkles, the Bloodhound is a prominent scent dog with a uniquely rich history. The scent hound originated centuries ago near the Saint-Hubert Monastery in Belgium. Originally referred to as the St. Hubert Hound, the Bloodhound was initially bred to trail deer and boar. Today, the Bloodhound is a popular law enforcement companion and is commonly used for search and rescue missions globally. Gentle and affectionate, the Bloodhound is a superior family pet for children of all ages. Contrary to popular belief, the Bloodhound is an extremely energetic breed and makes for a perfect walking and jogging partner.

Bloodhound enthusiasts are sure to fall in love with the Sterling Silver Bloodhound pendant. As one of the oldest races of hounds to track by scent, the high energy, sound judgement, and tenacity for tracking make the Bloodhound a truly exquisite breed. For centuries, the Bloodhound, also known as the St. Hubert hound, has been praised for its keen ability to track and hunt based on scent and is used in a variety of search and rescue missions. Training is a favorite pastime of the Bloodhound, and this strong and energetic breed enjoys tracking, trailing, and agility work.