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Known to look like they're wearing a tuxedo, our Boston Terrier jewelry is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. Capture their shining personalities with a Boston Terrier necklace, or captivate your friends when they see your shimmering Boston Terrier earrings. Our jewelry is sure to make a great dog mom gift.
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Dapper great looks of fashionable style in a striking “tuxedo” make the Boston Terrier an easily recognizable American bred original! Boston Terriers are small sized and portable, yet compact, sturdy and easy to care for with minimal grooming requirements. Bostons are very people oriented so they do require a high level of interaction which is the ultimate treat since Boston Terriers are generally happy-go-lucky, affectionate, eager to please, and entertaining little comedians that have a sweet natured attitude.

Boston Terriers are enthusiastic, gentle, playful, and affectionate companion dogs. Boston Terriers can excel at many different roles from performance competitor to conformation beauty and therapy dog extraordinaire. But most important is that Bostons love people and are happiest going anywhere or doing anything as part of the family. Boston Terriers are easy to love for their loyalty, eagerness to please, sweet nature and clown-like personalities.