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Dachshunds, meaning "badger dog" in German, depicts this lively breed with our Dachshund jewelry line. Known for their keen sense of smell and hunting ability, our Dacshund pendant features a badger designed in the body to represent their hunting history. You can also find yourself a pair of Dachshund earrings without the badger, or get a Dachshund necklace as a gift for the dog mom in your life.
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Dachshund means “badger dog” in German! Dachshunds are a lively, playful scenthound breed with a really keen sense of smell, hunting ability and an ingrained instinct to dig. Doxies are tenacious, clever and curious with a need for entertainment making them amusing characters. Doxie fans will also tell you they can be quite stubborn or mischievous but above all Dachshunds are known for their devotion and loyalty to their family.

Dachshunds come in three coat varieties; smoothhaired, longhaired and wirehaired plus they can be miniature or standard size. Doxy breed enthusiasts say there are subtle differences between the varieties. We often hear that the smooths are very courageous, tough and potentially more reserved with strangers. Fans love the smooth, short and shining coat because it is so easy to groom and care for!