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Known for their confident and high energy, our Dalmatian jewelry is sure to catch attention. Originally bred as a guard dog for people traveling in horse-drawn carriages, the Dalmatian is known today as the "firehouse dog." Our Dalmatian pendant features this unique part of history by designing a fire hat into the body, and you can also pair your Dalmatian necklace with a matching pair of Dalmatian earrings that would make a great dog gift for other Dalmatian lovers.
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Highly spirited and confident with remarkably defined spots from head to toe, the Dalmatian is simply an impossible breed not to notice or love! Beginning in the late 18th century, the Dalmatian was used as a guard dog for cargo and passengers traveling in horse-drawn carriages, earning its nickname and role as a carriage dog. The immense amount of intelligence and endurance the Dalmatian possesses makes it an exceptional breed for hunting and sporting. The playful, yet docile nature of the Dalmatian also makes it a loyal family companion as well as a wildly successful performance dog. The Dalmatian also excels in a variety of activities, including advanced obedience and agility training.

Commonly referred to as a “firehouse dog”, the Dalmatian is best known for its roles in and around the firehouse. To help guide the horses and locate fires in the late 18th century, the highly athletic Dalmatian would run alongside firefighters traveling by horse. Immensely intelligent and alert, the Dalmatian also made for a fearless watchdog and was commonly used to deter theft of firehouse equipment. Today, the high-spirited Dalmatian is still a wildly popular choice for family companionship. As the only spotted breed, the alluring appearance and compliant personality also makes the Dalmatian an exemplary competitor in conformation shows.