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Designed to match their powerful personality, our Great Dane jewelry line will make a stunning dog gift for other Great Dane lovers. Some know this breed from the popular cartoon, Scooby Doo, which would make a great piece to talk about when you wear a Great Dane necklace or don a pair of Great Dane earrings that are sure to get your friends howling.
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The Great Dane is a powerful and strong yet easy going and elegant dog breed. Many of us first fell in love with the Great Dane through the entertaining cartoon antics of Scooby Doo. It is true that people are fascinated with and love Great Danes with the affection being mutual- Great Danes love their people. The Dane craves attention and physical contact making them the world’s largest lapdog yet still a formidable guardian just for their sheer size and strength.

The Great Dane breed is a gentle giant, both largely imposing and sweetly affectionate. Great Danes are known for being one of the best-natured, family oriented dog breeds! The Dane’s massive size makes them possibly the world’s largest lapdog. Great Dane owners love to tell how their giant babies sit with their hind end and hind legs on the couch while their front legs touch the floor. It’s an endearing breed quirk and comical sight!