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Known to be a personable companion dog, our Havanese jewelry will be the talk of the town and makes great dog lovers gifts. You will stun others with your Havanese necklace, or surprise your friends when you wear a pair of Havanese earrings that will have your friends wondering if you're fur'real.
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Havanese are a lively, personable companion breed affectionately referred to as “Velcro” since they stick so close to their owner’s side. Havanese love to perform and be the center of attention; they are also intelligent and highly trainable. Therapy dog work, trick training and other closely bonding activities become very enjoyable ways for owners to spend time with their Havanese. These dogs are easy to love for the Havanese sweet nature, friendly character and spirited, playful personalities.

The Havanese is a sturdy, curious, and adaptable little toy breed that gets very attached to its people. It makes sense because Havanese were bred to be companion dogs and they do thrive on companionship. As a quirky unique trait, owners tell stories about how their Havanese love to perch on the backs of couches or anywhere they can watch the world from up high. It is easy to see how Havanese maintain such a loyal fan base of admirers for all the breed’s charming qualities and cheerful, affectionate temperament.