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The Irish Setter originated as a gundog from Ireland and is also well known for the many canine sports and activates they enjoy. Irish Setter dog lovers will find a wide assortment of Irish Setter pendants with matching Irish Setter earrings to showcase their love and passion for the breed. Beautiful rich mahogany coat is detailed in our Irish Setter jewelry designs. Discover special Irish Setter gifts from our designer dog breed jewelry collection.
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Irish Setters have been adored for their eager to please, and loveable personality for centuries. Sportsmen, pet owners and dog show enthusiasts find the high-spirited sporting dog to be a welcome addition to their pack with a wonderful temperament full of warmth and humor. Irish huntsmen of the 19th century originally bred the “Red Setter” to quickly cover the wide flat bird fields of the Emerald Isle. The breed’s keen sense of smell allow them to swiftly locate gamebirds for their human hunting companions; alerting hunters that birds are near, by “setting” down on their belly. Irish Setters rapidly earned a strong reputation as an efficient bird dog. It did not take long before the sweet natured, intelligent and beautiful dog with a graceful gait captured attention in the dog show ring. The Irish Setter was one of the first 10 dog breeds registered with the American Kennel Club. Eleven Irish Setters have gone on to win the Westminster Kennel Club show since the 1870’s, while four have earned top honors at Crufts.