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First shown in the U.S. as a Maltese Lion Dog, our Maltese jewelry line captures the elegance that would make a great dog lovers gift. This dainty breed might look small, but they are extremely brave, outgoing, and affectionate. Our stunning Maltese necklace captures their lustrous coat while the Maltese earrings show off their adorable faces. No matter who you talk to, adding a Maltese pendant to your life will get your friends barking.
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Did you know the first Maltese that was shown in the U.S. was listed as a Maltese Lion dog? Maltese are an “ancient” breed- known to be over 2000 years old! The Maltese may look small, dainty plus be in the Toy group but don’t let them fool you... Maltese are brave, outgoing, hearty, affectionate and adaptable companion. Maltese are totally devoted to their people; they love to be pampered and doted on which is easy because Maltese are so irresistibly adorable, cuddly and animated. Their character is just one of many reasons the Maltese has such a loyal following!

One of the oldest dog breeds known, the Maltese has perfected the art of being an ideal companion and the classic lap dog. Maltese have hair, not fur, so they shed less, which makes them a friendlier breed for allergy sufferers. To keep a Maltese in their luxurious, long flowing, silky show dog coat requires a lot of grooming. Many owners keep their Maltese in the adorable, cuddly puppy cut. Add to their qualities that Maltese are gentle, playful and spirited yet hearty, adaptable and totally devoted to their people, and you understand the appeal of the amazing Maltese!