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Doggy Toyland LLC announces the winners in the


PLOVER, Wisconsin (March 18th, 2011) Doggy Toyland LLC unveils the new brand name for their jewelry line after a two month contest. Dazzling Paws will become the official brand name for Doggy Toyland LLC pet themed jewelry line.

Over 100 entries were submitted with two contests submitting the exact same name. The two winners will each receive a custom designed piece of jewelry valued at over $500 from Doggy Toyland LLC and a $100 gift certificate.

“This is like Christmas in July,” Ruth Wenzel from Huntersville, North Carolina commented.

“I never win anything, I’m so excited!”

Ruth, owner of A Dog’s Best Friend Training spent weeks working on a name. She brainstormed a long list of brand names and taped it to her computer. Each day she would look at the names and cross off one or two names that she no longer liked. Ruth finally came up with the one remaining name that she submitted to the contest.

When asked what she planned to have designed Ruth said, “I really like bracelets and I would like to create a bracelet that has a hammered affect with paw prints on it or a chunky paw print chain link bracelet.”

The second winner Judi Gullickson of Peoria, Illinois stated “WOW! I never thought I would win. This made my whole week!”

Gullickson is an art teacher for grades K-5th at Washington School District #52, in Washington IL she heard about the contest through Doggy Toyland LLC newsletter. Using her creative skills she came up with the winning name that she submitted three days before the contest ended.

Judi commented, “I just kept writing down several ideas until several names overtook me and I submitted the ideas I liked the best.” Judi added, “I really love rings and necklaces but I think I would love to design a new ring.”

“We were very excited to host an unusual contest which drew all sorts of entries from across the USA and Canada,” commented Myra Westphal President of Doggy Toyland LLC. “We have a pretty strong following with our jewelry line. Now it will have an official title that customers can ask for by name.”
Watch for updates on Facebook as the winners start to design their jewelry pieces.
Dazzling Paws manufactured in the USA by Doggy Toyland LLC jewelry lines include: Agility, Obedience, Rally, Conformation, Flyball, Breed, Build your own Title, Build your own Pets Name, Pet Memorial Jewelry, Semi Precious Stone Collection and dog themed jewelry for pet lovers. Sterling Silver jewelry designs include: rings, earrings, pendants, pins, charm holders, chains, and bracelets. For more information: 715-345-1314
Winner Judi Gullickson of Peoria, Illinois
Winner Ruth Wenzel of Huntersville, NC