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Nederlandse Kooikerhondje lovers will adore this Kooiker jewelry line designed with them in mind. A true sporting dog the Kooikerhondje is swift, tough and energetic with a cheerful attitude! You can wear your Nederlandse Kooikerhondje necklace that is sure to captivate the crowd and even wear Kooikerhondje earrings that are sure to have tails wagging. This line makes a great gift for Nederlandse Kooikerhondje lovers.
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Nederlandse Kooikerhondje have made excellent duck hunting partners for centuries. Patient and alert the Kooikerhondje lures waterfowl closer with its playful antics and plumed tail. The petite spaniel is athletic and driven, always ready for any adventure that keeps them mentally and physically engaged. The quick and alert Kooikerhondje can be found excelling at dog sports like agility, dock diving and flyball.

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje are recognized by their striking white and orange (or red) silky coat and black tipped ears, and impressively feathered tail which seems to always be wagging. The spring like gait of Kooikerhondje matches the cheerful attitude of the dog. Kooiker owners know the attentive spirit that makes them excellent in the field also lends itself to being a loyal family dog.