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Pomeranians are an animated, lively companion breed with personality plus! Affectionately known as Poms or Pom Poms by breed lovers, Pomeranians have a reputation for being outgoing, intelligent dogs that love to please. Poms may not need a lot of physical exercise but they are little love sponges that soak up all the attention, affection and interaction they can get. The Pomeranian breed makes friends and new fans where ever they go! Poms are playful, curious and happiest in the company of others.

The Pomeranian is a toy breed loaded with personality and attitude which helps Poms rise to the top as competitive conformation show dogs. The Pomeranian averages between 4 to 6 pounds but they can look a little bigger because of their fluffy “pom-pom” like coat. Pomeranians also make great obedience, agility, freestyle and other dog sport competitors since they are intelligent and eager to please.