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Our Samoyed jewelry represents this adorable breed with designs that will make you howl. Our Samoyed pendant was specifically designed with a sled in its body to signify their history as sled dogs in Siberia. Your Samoyed earrings will light up the room and make your friends drool. Surprise your friends with a unique dog gift that Samoyed lovers will be rolling over for.
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Happy-go-lucky is the adorably spunky and intelligent Samoyed breed. Originally bred as a sled dog in Siberia, this vibrant and hardy member of the Spitz family was also used to herd reindeer and hunt game in the Arctic’s subzero temperatures. The Samoyed is a friendly, hard-working, and fiercely loyal companion. The Samoyed, nicknamed “the Sammy”, originated in Northwest Russia and Western Siberia in the late 19th century.

The Samoyed is commonly regarded as having a “Sammie Smile” – a feature that is equally as functional as it is lovable. The upward curving corners of the Samoyed’s mouth prevents the breed from drooling, keeping the Samoyed’s face free of icicles in cooler climates. The gentle nature of the Samoyed, nicknamed the Sammy, makes this breed an excellent family companion. The Samoyed loves to be active and excels in both physical and mental exercises, including agility, tracking, obedience, flyball, and herding events.