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An energetic part of the Spitz family, our Shiba Inu jewelry line was designed to honor their heritage. Find yourself a beautiful Shiba Inu necklace or Shiba Inu earrings that will get your friends howling. You'll find the perfect gift for a fellow Shiba Inu lover with this shimmering collection.
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Known as the “Brushwood Dog”, the Shiba Inu is an outgoing, energetic member of the Spitz family and a celebrity breed in its homeland of Japan. A natural born hunter, the ancient breed was originally used to flush and hunt small animals. The Shiba Inu is also known to be a superior digger and a terrific jumper and enjoys exercising both physically and mentally.

With a compact build and a bold personality, the Shiba Inu is highly energetic and abundantly playful, making it a wildly popular family companion. The prominent, foxlike appearance of the Shiba Inu is easily recognizable and the confident Spitz is known to turn heads wherever he roams. Alert and attentive with a spirited personality, the Shiba Inu is a popular breed for companionship in all parts of the world today. Though newly recognized by the American Kennel Club, the Shiba Inu is on the fast track to becoming a household name across the country.