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There’s an old Hungarian saying that if you own a Vizsla, it lives on top of your head. That’s because the gentle Vizsla breed loves frequent cuddles with its companion, hence the nickname “Velcro Vizslas” for this clingy canine. But don’t let that fool you—these pups have pep! Originally from Hungary, where they’re believed to have been skillful hunting partners with the Magyar tribes, Vizslas are essentially pointer in type with characteristics of the retriever. That means this “dual dog” is equally at home locating, pointing and retrieving upland game, rabbits and waterfowl. Also known as the Hungarian Pointer, the lively and affectionate Vizsla is also celebrated for its beauty and elegance, possessing a stunning golden-rust coat and statuesque stance. It’s no surprise then that this member of the Sporting Group was a darling of early aristocracy. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1960, the Hungarian Vizsla is an expert in the field and a devoted family friend.

In addition to its keen sense of smell and swift speed, the Vizsla breed is also beloved for its gorgeous golden-rust color that carries from its nose to its tail with virtually no variation. Even the irises of the Vizsla’s eyes have the same hue, with surrounding tissue covering the whites for optimum camouflage in the field! Smart and sweet-tempered, the Vizsla wants nothing more than to please its owner and to be pleased with affection in return.