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Direct descendants of the German Shepherd, our White Shepherd jewelry was designed to stand apart from its predecessor with our gorgeous White Shepherd necklaces and White Shepherd earrings that shine like this breed's lustrous white fur coat. Surprise a White Shepherd lover today with their very own White Shepherd gift that will have them howling.
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Direct descendants of the German Shepherd Dog, the White Shepherd evolved into a distinct type and in 1999 was recognized by the UKC as a separate breed. The beautiful pure white coat sets this working dog apart from its ancestors. The self-confident White Shepherd is open and friendly with those they are familiar with, while protective instincts make the breed more reserved with strangers. White Shepherds retained many of the instinctual traits found in its forefather Shepherd dogs, making them adept at herding and protecting.

Today, the clever and playful White Shepherd can be found competing in agility, obedience, rally, flyball, tracking, and herding events. The joyful dog loves activity with family! Whether it is a game of fetch, or active dog sport training, the versatile White Shepherd will adapt and eagerly respond.