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Gregarious and feisty, our Wire Fox Terrier jewelry will bound into your heart. Known more fox hunting, our lustrous Wire Fox Terrier pendant has a fox in its body to pay homage to their history. Today, you would see them as companions or at a dog show, which is the perfect place to show off your Wire Fox Terrier earrings or pick up a gift for dog lovers.
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The gregarious Wire Fox Terrier is a feisty member of the Terrier clan filled with boundless energy. Fox Terriers were often used during grand foxhunting events to “go to ground” to draw a fox from their lair so that hunters on horseback accompanied by hounds could give chase across open areas. The sturdy short-backed hunting dog from the Terrier group has an intense prey drive and is always up to chase small game. This may spell trouble for the neighborhood cat.

Today, you are more likely to see the spirited sporting terrier as a pet or show dog. Wire Fox Terriers have won Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show with a record of 13 wins! The Wire is athletic with natural performing skills, which finds the breed featured in TV and movies such as “Thin Man,” “Jack Frost,” “Code of the Secret Service,” and “Catwalk Dogs.” Even animated classics like “Oliver and Company” used the Wire Fox Terrier for inspiration when creating Dodger. Wire Fox Terrier lovers will be delighted with breed specific dog jewelry to celebrate the fabulous family dog.