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Full of personality, our Yorkshire Terrier jewelry line is sure to get you spinning in circles. Better known as the Yorkie, our Yorkshire Terrier pendants come in two separate head styles, one with a Show Cut and one with Puppy Cut to represent their spunky attitude. You can also wear a matching pair of Yorkshire Terrier earrings with a Show Cut body to cheer on your Yorkie as they're shown in the conformation ring. Surprise Yorkie lovers with a dog gift that is sure to get them drooling.
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A tiny breed with a tremendous personality, it’s no wonder the Yorkshire Terrier is a favorite among the toy group. Commonly referred to as the Yorkie, the Yorkshire Terrier became a household name in England in the mid-19th century. Originally bred to catch rats in clothing mills, the affectionate nature of the Yorkie caused the small breed to surge in popularity as a family companion. A symbol of elegance and class, the Yorkshire Terrier is a fierce competitor and a continual conformation winner across the globe.

Often referred to as the Yorkie, the Yorkshire Terrier today is one of the most popular breeds of any size. A member of the toy group, the Yorkshire Terrier packs a lot of personality into its compact 7-pound body. Adventurous and investigative, this little dog is a lover of attention, making it a favorite breed for showing.