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Perfect Gifts for pet lovers and their dogs.

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Gift Certificate Sterling Silver German Shepherd Dog Earrings, Head Sterling Silver Rottweiler Earrings, Body
Our Price: $74.00
Our Price: $75.00
German Shepherd Earrings, German Shepherd Gifts Rottweiler Earring, Rottie Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for pet lovers???

The German Shepherd breed is used throughout the world as a leading police, guard and military dog plus top competitors in a wide variety of dog sports!

The Rottweiler breed is muscular, powerful and impressive in appearance.

Sterling Silver Pomeranian Earrings, Head Tear Drop Paw Earrings with Kingman Turquoise Sterling Silver Belgian Malinois Earrings, w/US Flag in Head
Our Price: $75.00
Our Price: $75.00
Our Price: $75.00
Pomeranian Earrings, Pomeranian Jewelry Belgian Malinois Earrings, Malinois Earrings

Choose these Pomeranian earrings for their pizzazz and elegance, just like the Pomeranian itself!

Paw Print Tear Drop Earrings are inlayed with a polished Kingman Turquoise oval cabochon stone to enhance the beauty of this special pet jewelry for people who love dogs!.

Belgian sheepdog is considered a working dog, renowned for such tasks as tracking suspects, detecting explosives and narcotics, assisting our military, and guarding the presidential family and visiting heads of state.
Sterling Silver Belgian Malinois Earrings, w/Vest on Body Sterling Silver K-9 Cancer Earrings Sterling Silver Close To My Heart Charm Bracelet
Our Price: $75.00
Our Price: $75.40
Our Price: $76.40
Belgian Malinois Earrings, Malinois Earring
One of four varieties of the Belgian Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois breed has earned a stellar reputation for its intelligence, athleticism, compliance and high-energy work ethic, making it one of the most trainable dogs, with an off-the-charts desire to please and succeed!
At Dazzling Paws Jewelry, we are all motivated to make a difference and we each do our part to support, inform, create, inspire, and donate consistently toward Canine Cancer efforts. Makes a “pawsitively” perfect testament to the everlasting love you share with your furry friend.
Sterling Silver Pomeranian Earrings, Body Sterling Silver Shetland Sheepdog Earrings, Head Sterling Silver Poodle Earrings, Head
Our Price: $76.50
Our Price: $76.50
Our Price: $76.50
Pomeranian Gifts, Pomeranian Jewelry Shetland Sheepdog Earrings, Sheltie Earrings Poodle Earrings, Poodle Earring

The Pomeranian breed is loaded with personality and loves to be with their people.

Sterling Silver Shetland Sheepdog earrings are a realistic tribute to the wonderful Sheltie breed.

These Poodle earrings flaunt the glamorous Continental grooming show clip with the refined elegance and class that makes the Poodle easy to identify.
Sterling Silver Cat Head Earrings Sterling Silver Cat w/Bird Earrings Sterling Silver Bulldog Earrings, Head
Our Price: $76.50
Our Price: $76.50
Our Price: $76.50
Cat Head Earrings, Cat Head Earring Cat with Bird Earrings, Cat with Bird Jewelry Bulldog Earrings, Bulldog Earring
The details of these cat earrings are enchanting. Wear your cat jewelry with pride and cat-attitude! Wear your cat jewelry with pride and purr-sonality as a tribute to the kitties that add laughter and love to your life!

Our Bulldog earrings capture the imagination showing the Bulldog's distinctive large head covered in heavy wrinkles.

Sterling Silver Havanese Earrings, Head Sterling Silver American Cocker Spaniel Earrings, Head Sterling Silver English Springer Spaniel w/Pheasant Earrings, Body
Our Price: $76.50
Our Price: $78.00
Our Price: $78.00
Havanese Earrings, Havanese Earring American Cocker Spaniel Earrings English Springer Spaniel Earring

Wearing these earrings expresses your breed pride and Havanese style!

Wearing unique, true-to-life designed American Cocker Spaniel earrings will turns heads and get compliments.

These English Springer Spaniel earrings showcase the grace and beauty of an amazing hunting breed!


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