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Gift Certificate Sterling Silver Golden Retriever Necklace Sterling Silver Pembroke Welsh Corgi Necklace
Our Price: $150.25
Our Price: $150.25
Golden Retriever Necklace Pembroke Welsh Corgi Necklace

Looking for the perfect gift for pet lovers???

Golden Retrievers are amazing companions…eager to please, intelligent, loving, trustworthy and strikingly beautiful!
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a lot of dog in a small body.
"The Benji" Black Leather 7.5" Bracelet Sterling Silver Celebrate Paws Ribbon Earrings Sterling Silver Bernese Mountain Dog Necklace
Our Price: $151.25
Our Price: $154.50
Our Price: $157.00
Bernese Mountain Dog Necklace, Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Jewelry

This made-to-order Dazzling Canine Design Bead Bracelet creation includes a most dynamic collection of 4 prestigious dog themed beads you'll unconditionally love wearing!

We associate ribbons with the very best! Show your love and admiration for the Bernese Mountain Dog breed with our luxurious Bernese Mountain Dog necklace!
Sterling Silver Doberman Pinscher Necklace Sterling Silver Australian Shepherd Necklace Sterling Silver Bona Fide Love Bracelet
Our Price: $159.00
Our Price: $161.00
Our Price: $171.40
Doberman Pinscher Necklace Australian Shepherd Necklace
Often Doberman owners’ are said to remark that they don’t own Dobes… Dobes own them!
Australian Shepherd dogs are herding dogs that also make excellent all-purpose working farm and ranch dogs. Dogs are so special, they are like eternal Peter Pans; ready to show us the magic in everyday life. We love dogs because dogs are bona fide love!
"Apollo and Zues" Sterling Silver Bead Collection Bracelet Sterling Silver Tucked In My Heart Bracelet Sterling Silver Border Collie Necklace
Our Price: $172.15
Our Price: $172.40
Our Price: $174.40
Border Collie Necklace, Border Collie Jewelry
The "Apollo and Zues" Collection bracelet includes 3 of our Dazzling Canine Design Beads for a meaningful statement plus 4 Sparkle Dust beads for a bit of flash and bling! The most powerful times are those spent in silence, deep in thought when your precious pup leans against you, gently nudges you or tenderly shares a sweet puppy kiss. Show your love and admiration for the Border Collie breed with our luxurious Border Collie necklace!

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