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Dazzling Paws Jewelry: For people who love dogs

Dazzling Paws Jewelry reflects the unconditional love you receive from your dog, capturing that emotion and channeling it into one-of-a-kind dog jewelry designs affordable for every budget. The Dazzling Paws Jewelry line delivers passion for dog themed jewelry in Sterling Silver paw print jewelry and dog bone jewelry, authentic dog breed designs many with added unique artistic flair, heart pet jewelry, a semi-precious stone assortment, our customizable Letter Line, birthstones, rings, and precious pet memorial keepsakes. The Dazzling Paws Jewelry collection is 100% handmade in the USA from Recycled Sterling Silver.

Our dog sport experiences and the passion of others have inspired some of Dazzling Paws Jewelry's most popular Sterling Silver dog sport jewelry designs. Browse our extraordinary dog agility jewelry with such attention to detail that the agility training equipment looks real! Our exclusive designs include the dog walk, teeter, A-Frame/tunnel, weave poles, chute, jumps and more. We also carry the dog obedience dumbbell and utility article pendants and earrings plus Flyball charms, earrings and more. Dog sport jewelry makes a statement about your relationships and hobbies while wearing pet lover's jewelry accessories. Dazzling Paws Jewelry offers dog conformation showing jewelry creations to highlight your championships, majors, and even Specialty wins! Border Collie fans are keen to tell us that we often go high in trial for herding jewelry needs too. Tell your story of new dog titles, dog championships and wins with our sterling silver first place ribbon or rosette pendants to commemorate hard earned accomplishments with your number one dog.

Dazzling Paws Jewelry is unique in the pet industry, jewelry industry and the wholesale dog jewelry industry for our expanded line of sterling silver jewelry created specifically for pet lovers. We innovate and debut over fifty new, original pet themed jewelry designs each year. We are dedicated to creating distinguished, one-of-a-kind dog breed jewelry designs and cutting edge paw print jewelry, dog bone jewelry, and heart dog jewelry like no one else delivers. We welcome retailers to carry our dog themed jewelry line and experience the difference. Whether buying pet jewelry for you or as dog lover's gifts you will be impressed with our high quality standards, thrilled with our selection and happy to find pet themed jewelry in every price range to fit your budget. We strive to earn your trust and confidence through our customer service. At Dazzling Paws Jewelry our goal is for you to feel truly special wearing our American handmade Sterling Silver jewelry!

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Sterling Silver Canine Ties of Love Earrings Sterling Silver I Love Treats Post Earrings Sterling Silver The Bone and the Beautiful pendant Sterling Silver You Feed My Soul Pendant
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Canine Ties of Love Earrings celebrate how our dogs are important family members.

What a delightful surprise to step back and admire this dog bone pendnat which also reveals two more cleverly subtle hearts- one above and one upside down below the center puffed heart.

The Bone and the Beautiful pendant was inspired by the soap opera B & B. When you have more than two dogs, you know how little drama's can unfold and the cast of furry characters adds so much entertainment value to our lives!

You Feed My Soul pendant will remind you of the magic dogs bring to our lives!