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Sterling Silver Journey Paws Pendant Sterling Silver Super Star Pawer Sterling Silver A-Frame and Tunnel Charm
Our Price: $25.75
Our Price: $10.90
Our Price: $19.25

Journey Paws is a dynamic, flowing design that lets you define the journey and meaning of the paths taken or not taken.

Super Star Pawer is a smaller, more delicate design that makes a strong statement!

This agility pendant comes with authentic wood slats on the A-Frame including the ribs on the tunnel. The agility charm looks like real dog agility equipment.

Sterling Silver Agility Teeter Charm Sterling Silver Agility Weave Poles Charm Sterling Silver Agility Jump Charm
Our Price: $9.00
Our Price: $13.50
Our Price: $13.90

Many of our customers have purchased this dog agility piece because it has been the hardest piece of equipment for their dogs to master or it’s their dog’s favorite piece of agility equipment to play on.

Now that your dog has mastered one of the most difficult agility obstacles, celebrate by treating yourself with a weave pole charm. Agility jump is so real it comes with two small base legs to keep your jump standing up.
Sterling Silver Agility Tire Charm Sterling Silver Agility Tunnel Charm Sterling Silver Agility Pause Table Charm
Our Price: $10.25
Our Price: $38.50
Our Price: $11.60

Dog agility equipment earrings look like the real thing.

When you see this agility tunnel up close you can almost hear the pitter-patter of your dog’s feet racing through it and someone yelling “Go Tunnel.” We have and we have the four paw prints on the table to prove it.
Sterling Silver Agility Chute Charm Sterling Silver Agility Dog Walk Charm Sterling Silver Agility MACH Charm
Our Price: $16.60
Our Price: $16.60
Our Price: $27.70
Sterling Silver Agility Chute Charm has been designed with stunning detail including sandbags on the side of the chute barrel and a parachute-like fabric detailing seams and wrinkles. Sterling Silver Dog Walk Charm is so real you can almost hear yourself giving the command, “Walk it!” Celebrate your MACH agility title with a Sterling Silver MACH charm to remember it by.
Sterling Silver Dog Agility slide, pendant Sterling Silver "LG" A-Frame and Tunnel Pendant Sterling Silver Agility Ring
Our Price: $53.60
Our Price: $43.90
Our Price: $74.00
Stunning Agility A-Frame and Tunnel charm will take your breath away.

The dog agility A-Frame - Tunnel discrimination is a skill that requires practice! When you have success, celebrate with an agility jewelry reminder that brings fond memories every time you wear it!

Sterling Silver Agility Ring features seven agility obstacles including: dog walk, weave poles, panel jump, A-frame tunnel combo, teeter and tire.

Sterling Silver Rosette Paw Ribbon Pendant Engraved Sterling Silver Rosette Paw Ribbon Pendant Sterling Silver Speed Paws Pendant
Our Price: $28.90
Our Price: $28.90
Our Price: $19.90

Dog Competition Jewelry

Dog Competition Jewelry. Personalize with a new title name for a memorable gift or keepsake!

Speed Paws celebrates the flexibility and athleticism of our dogs.
Doggy Toyland carries an sortment of flyball jewelry, flyball charm, flyball earrings, flyball gifts, flyball, and flyball pendant. Doggy Toyland also attends different flyball training, we support north american flyball, nafa flyball, NAFA CanAm Classic and flyball association. Doggy Toyland doesn't carry flyball equipment, flyball dogs, or flyball box.

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