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American Eskimo are known for their beautiful white lush coat and their rocket energy. American Eskimo shoppers will discover jewelry that features fur accents that makes these designs so unique. If you’re looking for the perfect American Eskimo gift to get your loved one, look no further! With our American Eskimo jewelry collection that cannot be found in stores, you are sure to find the perfect American Eskimo pendant or earring set to add a little flair to your outfit.
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Beauty and brains, the American Eskimo Dog has it all wrapped up in one super charged package. The adorable Eskie’s roots can be traced back to the German Spitz who immigrated to America with German farmers in the 1800’s. The intelligent, trainable Nordic dog was commonly used for multiple tasks as a farm dog. Jobs ranged from varmint hunting, watch dog, carriage dog duties, small flock herding, or simply being a companion. They were eagerly undertaken by the energetic and highly trainable American Eskimo Dog. Soon the bright lights and thunderous applause of show business called the clever white American Spitz to showcase its agility, beauty and clever tricks in circus acts, and vaudeville shows that were popular at the time. The breeds name changed to “American Eskimo” Dog when prejudice against all things German grew during World War I. The new moniker came from a Spitz breeding kennel in Ohio. The 1930’s brought fame to Stout’s Pal Pierre a tightrope walking Eskie that performed as a circus dog with the Barnum & Bailey Circus, winning the hearts of fans across the US.

Although AKC recognizes the breed as part of the Non-Sporting Group, the American Herding Breeds Association acknowledge the American Eskimo Dog’s history of herding making the breed eligible to compete in AHBA herding events. The agile, lithe body, keen intelligence and high energy of the American Eskimo make them suitable for herding and agility competitions. The Eskie’s fox like face and dark mouth make the AED appear to eagerly greet their family with a wide smile. The strong and compact American Eskimo Dog loves to have a job to do from companion to barge dog, this social animal thrives when kept busy. Today “the dog beautiful” is also being trained for use as therapy dogs, as well as hearing and alert dogs to aid their human family members. Whether your heart dog is a standard, miniature or toy Eskie, the gleaming brilliance of Sterling Silver American Eskimo jewelry can only be matched by light of “the dog beautiful” in your life.