A little About Sterling Silver

As a metal, pure silver is too soft to create sturdy, long-lasting jewelry so it is mixed with other metals to enhance its performance. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has ruled that jewelry sold in the US must contain at least 925/1,000ths pure silver (92.5% pure) in order to be labeled or described as Silver. You want to see your silver jewelry marked as .925 or Sterling to know you have an authentic, quality product. On certain fine detailed pieces in our collection it is not physically possible to put a stamp of silver authenticity. Please note that all of our pieces are made from Sterling Silver. Copper is the metal most often used to make up the remaining 7.5% content in sterling silver. As a benefit, copper makes the silver harder and more durable yet also gives it the potential to tarnish.

When you make the investment in a higher quality .925 marked sterling silver jewelry, your jewelry has the advantage of being made up of more silver layers giving it the ability to last a lifetime. But yes, it’s true that all sterling silver jewelry will tarnish over time and/or given the right circumstances, being exposed to the right conditions. In the jewelry industry that tarnish is called “patina” and it forms on the top layer of silver. The good news is that sterling silver can be restored to its authentic shine with minimal effort. Many people prefer a certain amount of patina because it gives their jewelry a slight golden glow, a little more character and depth or even an antique look. The process of oxidation also creates varying amounts of patina in jewelry pieces. Oxidation is a controlled treatment meant to achieve a very distinct effect. We carry quite a few pet jewelry pieces that are oxidized with great care to bring out their intricate detail and be noticed for their beauty.

Sterling silver jewelry is affordable, has enduring quality and classic good looks. Remember that a little knowledge, prevention and care will go a long way toward keeping your jewelry looking dazzling, while proper cleaning will ensure you will be able to enjoy your jewelry for many years.