8 Quick Jewelry Cleaning Tips

1. If your silver jewelry tarnishes; use a silver polishing cloth or a liquid jewelry cleaner to bring back the shine. Dazzling Paws Jewelry includes a polishing cloth with purchases of $30.00 or more.

2. To maintain the original beauty of your jewelry polish your pieces regularly with a silver polishing cloth, like the one provided to you by Dazzling Paws Jewelry. We think it is a good practice to gently wipe off your jewelry before each use to remove any skin oils or surface dirt.

3. Never use a treated paper towel, treated tissue or polyester fabrics to quickly wipe fingerprints or dry off your jewelry; those materials can scratch the surface of jewelry and create worse problems.

4. Please do not use abrasive jewelry cleaners or commercial dips. Several of our jewelry pieces have been oxidized to enhance their appearance and many cleaners will remove the oxidation which gives that antique look.

5. You may read or research and come across tips to use toothpaste in cleaning your sterling silver. We personally do not recommend using toothpaste and ask you not to, because today’s toothpastes can have many different types of abrasives and chemicals that can leave scratches or tarnish jewelry.

6. We believe a good polishing cloth is the truest, most reliable way to clean and polish your treasured jewelry pieces and bring them back to a bright, shiny finish if that is what you want. Some people even prefer the look of a more loved and antiqued looking piece. Some of our pieces are oxidized to give it that look.

7. For deeper polishing try using a delicate mushroom brush (found at any grocery store), child’s soft toothbrush or a jewelry horse hair brush with less than a dab of a very mild soap (like Dove). Then use your 100% cotton polishing cloth. Avoid using any soap or water around your gemstones.

8. Never use chemical solutions or an ultrasonic cleaner on opaque porous gemstones like onyx, opal, turquoise and malachite. They can absorb the chemicals which will cause discoloration. Just gently wipe the stones with a moist cloth until clean.