Jewelry Care Tips

Jewelry tips to help your jewelry last longer
  • Always put things like hair spray, hair styling gels, makeup, and perfume on first before putting jewelry on. Those chemicals will pit and cloud your jewelry. Always put your jewelry on last.
  • Take your jewelry off before you shower or bath. Necklaces ends that are glued together will erode from the water, thereby causing the ends to unravel and come apart. Soap also clouds jewelry.
  • We recommend that you never place an expensive piece or sentimental piece of jewelry on a necklace that has glued ends or just a small amount of solder holding the ends together.
  • Take your jewelry off before you: enter a swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Chemicals used in the pool and floating in the air will discolor Sterling Silver instantly and cause Bronze to permanently tarnish.
  • Take your necklaces off before going to bed. Tossing and turning of your body causes excessive strain on necklaces causing them to kink making them weak in places and break.
  • Store your jewelry in the air tight baggies provided with your purchase. Do not leave your jewelry lying on the cotton in your gift box. Cotton in jewelry boxes are no longer made from 100% cotton.
  • If your silver jewelry tarnishes, use silver polishing cloth to bring back shine or a liquid jewelry cleaner. Dazzling Paws includes a polishing cloth with a purchase of $25.00 or more.
  • Glued stone settings should never be soaked in a liquid cleaner or worn while doing the dishes. Chemicals in the cleaner and water may weaken the glue strength.
  • Though we use thick jump rings, please remove your jewelry first before taking off your cloths. This will prevent charms from catching on material.
  • Do not wear jewelry while working in the yard, doing the dishes, exercising, or heavy lifting/work.
  • Do not wear your jewelry outside in the humidity. Humidity and your body’s perspiration will cause your jewelry to tarnish.