Jewelry Buying Gift Tips

Buying jewelry as a gift can be a most memorable, personal, thoughtful (and even romantic) gift! It can also be an overwhelming purchase. You may start out with the best of intentions but then stumble when faced with so many choices and options. Sometimes all the choices can leave a person so confused that they will give up and walk away deciding instead to buy what they think might be a “safer gift”, like flowers, chocolates, something that is “needed” or even a gift certificate. Hmmm, let us help make jewelry buying FUN!

OK let’s make a game out of choosing a great jewelry gift! Pretend you are a Private Investigator. You have been hired by your client to tip them off, get the skinny and crack this case: What Piece of Jewelry to Buy. Your first step; put on your detective hat and take some notes over the course of 5-7 days.

Observe: (we will use the pronoun “she” but this is interchangeable depending on gift-ee)
  • What types of jewelry does she generally wear? Throughout the day do a quick check- look at her wrist, ankle, ears, neck, fingers… jot down if you notice her changing jewelry pieces each day.
  • Does she wear different kinds of jewelry in a casual vs. business setting? This can guide you toward a more sporty/relaxed piece or a piece that is more tailored and dressy.

Specific Clues:

  • Do they lay flat on her ear? Then choosing a Post style earring is a good bet. Especially if she wears her jewelry while being active or competing in dog sports like Freestyle, Agility, Rally Obedience or Marathon Running (anything with a lot of movement). Select earrings that do not dangle or hang too much below the ear lobe and will be more simple and sleek yet stylish.
  • Do her earrings dangle a little bit off her ear? If she wears mostly small to medium dangle earrings, you can consider something in our dangle section. These pieces will be lightweight and can be worn while doing sports and active pursuits- it’s a personal preference and comfort level.
  • Do her earrings hang down and swing a lot? If she likes the look and feel of larger more dangly earrings and you see her choosing those more often, then that is her preference and you should look at our Large Dangle section.


  • Are they small, thin and delicate? Then select a design with a plain band and a smaller focal point.
  • Are they medium in size? Then look for a ring without a lot of highs and lows, just nicely consistent.
  • Are they large in length and width? She will be happy with a thicker band or graduated ring band.


  • Many times the choice to accessorize an outfit will vary whether the person is working or playing. Pay attention to these considerations when considering a necklace.
  • Does she wear a lot of “V” neck shirts? Then she might prefer a shorter necklace length that will be seen and show off her neckline.
  • Does she wear a lot of “U” (rounded) shirts, especially t-shirts? Then 18” or longer is recommended if you select a 16” length necklace it may possibly fall under her shirt and not be seen.
  • Does she have dogs that jump up or young children that are curious? You may want to stay away from longer 24” or 30” length chains since they might get caught on things, pulled or broken more easily.


  • Are the current pendants she wears on necklaces delicate and small? Does she seem to wear the same pieces over & over? If so then the pendant may have very significant meaning to her. Look for a similar size pendant and give thought to any recent milestones, accomplishments or a piece that tells a special story and she will cherish as well.
  • Are many of her current jewelry pendants mediums in size? Does she change them out often? If so try to find a similar size and look for a style or theme that might compliment a favorite hobby or mood.
  • Are many of her current pendants larger in size? Then the sky might be the limit for you. You could even mix and match a couple different pieces to create a piece with a more engaging story that is uniquely her own.

About Charm Bracelets

  • When selecting a piece to compliment a charm bracelet, read the size on the pendant’s copy.
  • Be careful not to select a pendant that is too large for the bracelet it is being placed on as it may catch on things.
  • Our copy will tell you if a pendant is possible to be supported as a charm bracelet option. On our site, select the charm bracelet option to help you. The charm bracelet option is a split ring much like a key ring but much smaller and made out of sterling silver. This ring can be opened up and the charm is slipped onto the bracelet.

Super Jewelry Sleuths

A good jewelry detective solves the puzzle by continuing to uncover as many pieces of evidence that they can find. Every clue will lead to better powers of deduction enabling you to piece it together adding up to the perfect gift! Here are some other tips taken from the Super Sleuths gift giving guide:

When she is not around, case the joint and eye up her jewelry box. You can learn a lot about the kind of jewelry she likes and find potential pieces to help you with sizing. Also check for items that could use a similar or matching piece. For example: If she has the ribbon charm necklace with matching earrings, choose the complimentary “two-tone mini paw” earrings to expand her accessory options and she will flash a happy mug shot!

Consider her lifestyle and personality as valuable info. If she is a romantic, we have a hunch she might like a heart-shaped design or if she competes in a dog sport we highly suspect the symbolic icons of the sport will appeal to her! If your motive is for a very personalized jewelry item, consider our Letter Line to create names, titles and sentiments or choose a piece that can be engraved for greater meaning.

It is not a crime to ask for help! A close friend, training partner or family member may know details that you have forgotten or never knew- like her favorite gemstone, style, color, preferred sizes etc and they could point you in the right direction. Maybe the person you are buying the gift for has even mentioned a piece of jewelry that she’s had her eye on or has admired someone wearing. This would be a big breakthrough! If she’s been to our booth at a show or filled out and added items to her wish list on our site, we can give witness to specific dog jewelry pieces she likes and gravitates toward. When we know your motives are sincere we will do all we can to help you solve the mystery.

As the plot thickens, don’t overlook the option to just outright ask her yourself. Pull up our site and tell her you are thinking of buying her something… show her some jewelry pieces that you think she’d like or that you think would look dazzling on her and tell her why. Ask her to give you some more ideas. Even though this approach may not be a total surprise for her, you may be able to build your own mystery around your gift to maximize her excitement and suspense. And no alibi will be needed since you enlisted her help in the process.

Remember the saying; it’s the thought that counts? Jewelry is an emotional purchase. The impact of your gift can be maximized by marking a special occasion, celebrating a hard earned accomplishment and/or creating a special memory that she will always cherish.

And last but not least..., even with all our tips and your best faith effort to solve the case, there are no guarantees that your jewelry gift will be perfect. At Dazzling Paws Jewelry your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about our products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 15 days for a refund, an exchange or credit for full product cost. Sorry, shipping and handling fees cannot be refunded. Read more about our order information and policies.