Made in the USA!

How does each piece of jewelry come to be?

It begins with creativity and inspiration from real life experience... I’ve learned inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere so I always carry a sketch pad with me! Natural shapes or architectural design can inspire me to try to capture a vision… Enjoying the company of family and friends sharing laughter and great times can spark a creative idea... I’ll admit my furry family members are my most consistent muses, they continue to enrich my life in their special ways.

I begin with a rough sketch.

CAD inputs the design and sends a preliminary proof.

Once the design is approved,

Next in the process, a mold is made from the wax model.

Each jewelry piece is shot individually using the same mold for a consistent look.

Now all the individual wax model pieces are arranged and attached to a tree.

Each cylinder goes into a pressurized machine that vibrates vigorously.

Once fully cured, the investment cylinders are placed in a kiln for the burn out process to start.

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