Jewelry Sizing Information

Sterling Silver Chains comes in the following lengths:

  • 16” Chain is a short chain that fits close around your neck. 16” chains are versatile; great to wear with a “V” neck top or button-down shirt. The 16” chain fits more like a choke chain tightly around the throat.
  • 18” Chain is our most popular chain because it fits nicely around the neck coming down about 1”-2” from the throat below the collarbone. This chain length is comfortable to wear as it falls nicely in a “V” neck shirt or in a button-down top.
  • 20” Chain is a medium length chain that lies nicely on the outside of a rounded neckline. Our 20” is a popular chain for the full-figured woman, as it will lie like an 18” chain on them.
  • 24” Chain is a longer chain that fits on the outside of garments. This chain will normally lie about chest length.
  • 30” A very long chain that will lie in the stomach area. Easy to slip over your head even if you are wearing glasses. Recommended for average and full-figured women.

Full Figured Woman
When selecting a necklace length for a full figured woman, take into account a few things:

  • Does she weigh more than 160 lbs? Then a shorter necklace, i.e.; 16” will not fit well or at all for her.
  • Choose an 18" length instead- it will flatter her and appear like a 17” chain length
  • Does she weigh over 200 lbs? Then choose a 20” chain length, if you envision the necklace laying about 1”-2” from the throat.
  • The 20” length is also a good choice if you hear her mention that she Doesn’t care for short necklace or she doesn’t like things too tight around her throat/neck.
  • Choose a 30” chain length, if you envision the necklace laying about chest length on her.
  • Chain extenders are perfect little extra pieces of chain that can be taken on and off any necklaces. Necklaces extenders are a great little add onto a gift if you are unsure of the correct size. This way they can use the extender on the necklace with certain outfits and take it off and use just the chain with other outfits for a different look.

Other Tips about necklace sizing

  • A shorter necklace will draw attention toward the person’s facial features; a longer necklace will draw attention lower toward the chest or cleavage.
  • 20” and 24” necklaces are often great choices to wear with business attire.
  • 24” and 30” necklaces are often the perfect chain for Charm Holders as they lay on the outside of clothing.

Find Your Ring Size
How to Measure Your Finger
  1. Find a piece of string or strip of paper no wider than 1/2".
  2. Wrap it around the base of the finger you wish to wear the ring on. Once the string/paper is snug, slip it off your finger. If the string/paper expands slightly when sliding over your knuckle mark that point on the paper or string. You want your ring to be large enough to get over your knuckle.
  3. Use a pen to mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps, forming a complete circle.
  4. With a ruler, measure the length from the starting end of the string/paper to the pen mark.
  5. Use this measurement and the chart to determine your ring size.
Other Tips for proper ring sizing
  • For a more accurate ring sizing measurement, stop by your local jewelry store and have your finger sized with a ring sizer.
  • When sizing your finger with a ring sizer, make sure it slides off fairly easily over the knuckle.
  • Don't measure cold fingers or when your finger might be swollen due to injury or heat. This is when fingers are their smallest or largest. For the most accuracy, measure your finger at the end of the day when fingers are their largest.
  • If you are buying a ring as a gift, take a moment to look in the person’s jewelry box. Find a ring they currently wear. Trace the inside of the ring and bring that with you when choosing. You can also ask the recipients friend or family member if they know his/her ring size.
  • If the measurement is coming in between sizes, always order the larger size for comfort.
  • When purchasing a Wide Brand Ring always go up in one size for a better fit. Wider band rings take up more space on the finger and when go over the knuckle Most people need the larger size for it to fit properly.
Ring Size Measured Size Measured Size
USA (Inches) (mm)
5 1 15/16 49.2
6 2 1/16 51.8
7 2 3/16 54.3
8 2 5/16 56.9
9 2 7/16 59.4
10 2 9/16 62
11 2 11/16 64.5

Find Your Bracelet Size
  • You can use fabric measuring tape, a strip of paper or string to measure for a bracelet. Wrap it completely around the wrist where the bracelet would be worn and so it fits comfortably. Add 3/4" to 1” to the measurement. For an even looser fit, add 1-1/4” to the measurement.
  • Standard bracelet length is 7”. Most woman wear a standard size 7”. If the size that is needed is less than a size 7” select from one of our link bracelet options so you may clasp it back further to tighten up the length.
  • Full figured woman might need a size 8”. An 8” bracelet allows for more room when moving around.
Other Tips for proper bracelet sizing
  • If you are buying the bracelet as a surprise gift, “borrow” their wristwatch or another chain link bracelet that they wear and measure that. If it’s a wristwatch that you are measuring then add 3/4" to 1-1/4” as per above. You can also ask the recipient’s friend or family member if they know his/her bracelet size.
  • The more charms added to a bracelet, the tighter it will fit over time. So if the bracelet will eventually be full of charms, allow for that in sizing.