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Beagle jewelry is sure to have your friends wondering if you’re fur’real when you walk in wearing your Beagle necklace and matching pair of Beagle earrings. With this design that is not found in stores, the Beagle pendant is a distinctive piece that captures a bunny in the ear of the Beagle head to share a part of the breed’s history in hunting rabbits. Get your Beagle friends drooling when you surprise them with their own dog gifts.
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The Beagle is the smallest of the hounds bred to hunt rabbits. Beagles are sturdy and known for their baying bark- arooooo. Beagles can “sing” and you may hear their melodious voice during a game of chase or hide, smell and seek. Beagles have moderate energy but will follow their nose and roam or chase small animals so they are not reliable off leash needing to always be kept on lead or securely fenced for their safety. Beagles are cheerful, affectionate, determined and long lived. Beagles are very popular as they make great companions as well as therapy and scent detection dogs.

Beagles are known to be great with adults and kids. The Beagle breed makes for a wonderful companion due to their funny antics, lively moderate energy level, and good natured personalities. Beagles are very smart but have a really high hunting prey instinct which makes them follow their nose. Beagles cannot be allowed off leash in unfenced areas, for their safety because they can’t help focusing on smells. It can be challenging to do companion dog sports like formal obedience or agility with a Beagle but they do love food which can help in training. Beagles are very popular hunting pack dogs and make superb therapy and scent detection dogs.