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What’s that snow-white ball of fluff with the dollish face bounding your way? Why it’s the Bichon Frise, of course! Originating in the Mediterranean region, this adorable little member of the Non-Sporting Group descended from the fun-loving Barbet and was considered the Bichon Tenerife of the four Bichon breeds. Because of its merry disposition, the Bichon Frise was often used as barter by Spanish sailors, who are believed to have introduced the gentle breed to the Canary Island of Tenerife. Italian seamen then returned the Bichon Frise dog to Europe, where they became favorites of Italian nobility. Bichon Frises later made their appearance in France, where their popularity soared under King Henry III, who was believed to have carried his Bichon in a basket around his neck. The charming breed then became more common, accompanying organ grinders in the streets and doing tricks in the circus. Today, the Bichon Frise is treasured for its playfulness and pep, and for being the happiest and most enthusiastic of companions!

With its fluffy white coat, button nose and two eyes made out of what looks like coal, the Bichon Frise might as well be called Frosty the Snow-Dog. But one glance at that face and your heart is sure to melt! Much can be said about this beloved little breed that measures just about a foot off the ground.For although the Bichon Frise is a hardy breed that loves to run (check out the Bichon Blitz y’all), its first and foremost a showstopping lapdog, and that coat heightened and widened and crinkle-curled into 80s-hair perfection is truly its calling card. No wonder this charmer was a favorite subject for artists such as Spain’s famed Francisco Goya!