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Originating in Northeast England in the late 19th century, the highly energetic Border Terrier was first bred to assist in fox hunts by crawling into burrows and digging. Today, the strong hunter is more popular as a family companion and enjoys cuddling up on the couch after a long day of running or playing. As a member of the Terrier Group, the Border Terrier is a natural-born worker and excels in various areas of training, including agility and obedience. Highly intelligent and eager to please, the Border Terrier is a terrific addition for families with small children and makes a great therapy dog for elderly individuals.

Today, the Border Terrier is more commonly bred for companionship, and the even tempered, sprightly personality of the terrier makes it a wonderful walking and jogging partner for active families. While most terriers possess a feisty and determined personality, the Border Terrier exhibits a calmer demeanor, which allows the breed to live harmoniously with other dogs in the home.