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Share your love for Borzoi jewelry by shopping our distinctive Borzoi collection. This gorgeous breed, also known as the Russian Wolfhound for many centuries, depicts their heritage by designing a wolf in the Borzoi pendant body. The Borzoi earrings also match its elegance in a way that perfectly complements the Borzoi necklace. This entire line is a perfect dog lovers gift.
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Borzoi are elegance personified, with flowing lines that allow the breed to appear equally graceful in pursuit of quarry or when at rest. Russian aristocracy bred the noble Russian Wolfhound for centuries, using hundreds of the quick and agile dogs in grand hunting events. Fortunately, devotees of the silky coated dog began to import the animals to Europe and the US prior to the Russian revolution. Once the revolution began, the dignified hounds were killed alongside their noble owners, nearly driving the breed into extinction. In 1936, it was determined the sighthound known as the Russian Wolfhound would now be called Borzoi, from the Russian word borzyi, which translates to swift. Today the affectionate family dog can be found successfully competing in canine sports such as agility and lure coursing.