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Known for being a ruff and tough rat dog to keep livery stables free of vermin, this stunning Brussels Griffon jewelry is sure to impress any Brussels Griffon lover. Our Brussels Griffon pendant body was created with a Rough Coat and Smooth Coat, each with a rat designed in the body to symbolize their breed history. Brussels Griffon earrings make great dog gifts that are sure to make a statement other dog lovers are sure to drool over.
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Brussels Griffon originated from crossing the Affenpinscher with Stable Griffons, to create a stable dog that was capable of being a rough and tough rat dog to keep livery stables free of vermin. In the early 1800’s the humble Griff transitioned to desired lap dog when the Queen of the Belgians became enamored with the pouty lipped pouch. All of the upper class clamored to have a Brussels Griffon of their own. Through years of careful breeding the bodies of the Bruss became smaller and the face more human like in appearance. You may remember seeing a Griffon named Jill, steal the spotlight from Jack Nicholson in the movie “As Good As It Gets.”

The curious little Brussels Griffon is big on personality. Griffs are sociable, alert and can be easily trained but prefer the pace of a mature home. Never wanting to feel lonely a Griff will rarely let a special human stray too far away. The playful Bruss is a member of the Toy Group who today loves the life of a lap dog providing companionship to human family members. Smooth or rough coat the bearded dog has a worldly appearance of a studious philosopher, ready to cure the world’s ills with a wet puppy kiss and snuggle. The Brussels Griffon will provide years of love and friendship, and the Griff charm will keep your fur baby close to your heart on the rare occasion you cannot be together.