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Named after large piles of stone that marked Scottish memorial sites, our Cairn Terrier jewelry hits the mark with our one-of-a-kind line to shop from. If you take a closer look at our Cairn Terrier pendant, the body conceals a rat within the body, just as the breed were known to hunt out. You can also create a matching pair of Cairn Terrier earrings or surprise a dog lover friend with these unique Cairn Terrier gifts.
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In 1912, the Cairn Terrier was recognized as a distinct breed among the Skye Terriers of Scotland. Cairns are named after the large piles of stone, which commonly mark Scottish memorial sites and conceal the pesky vermin that the tenacious earth dog loves to hunt. The petite hunter scarcely stands 10 inches tall, but is packed with plenty of courage and toughness to root out rats, fox, badgers, and otters. Much like their double coats which are harsh and wiry on top and downy soft beneath, Cairns are both hard working and sturdy while also being loyal, warm, and loving to their family. Farmers who put Cairn Terriers to work will find this short legged, shaggy earth dog will keep their property free of burrowing animals and vermin all while becoming the best little pal they could ever ask for. Cairn Terrier jewelry shows the world that you left room in your heart for your furry friend to tunnel in deep to claim a special place in your family.

1939’s Wizard of Oz thrust the Cairn Terrier into the spotlight on the silver screen. “Toto” played by a Cairn named Terry was paid $125.00 a week to portray Dorothy’s furry best friend. Toto leapt into the hearts of millions with her true blue loyalty, and independent attitude. Cheerful and alert, today’s Cairn Terrier can be found participating in a wide variety of events from obedience, tracking, herding, agility and earth dog events. Intelligent with a strong desire to be close to the family, this little canine is happy at work and at play. Sterling Silver Cairn Terrier charms celebrate the liveliness and cheer this tiny Terrier brings to us.