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Our Chinese Crested jewelry honors the history of this breed with our lustrous line that captures the history of this exotic breed. Used as form of pest countrol for Chinese mariners, this breed is a wonderfully athletic breed that often wins in agility, conformation, and obedience trials worldwide. Celebrate its history with your own Chinese Crested necklace, or switch things up and get yourself a pair of Chinese Crested earrings that can be hairless or powder puff style. Surprise other Chinese Crested dog moms with their own Chinese Crested gifts.
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A breed unlike any other, the exotic-looking Chinese Crested is spunky, affectionate, and truly a sight to see! History suggests this member of the toy group first entered the scene centuries ago as a form of pest control for Chinese mariners. The hairless breed was often traded among merchants as the ships would port from city to city. The Chinese Crested, also referred to as the Crested, gained popularity as a show dog and a companion in the 1800s. Lively, endearing, and unexpectedly athletic, the Crested enjoys the show ring as much as it enjoys being curled up at home with the family. The Chinese Crested is a routine winner in agility, conformation, and obedience events worldwide.

Lively and affectionate with an appearance more unusual than any other breed, the Chinese Crested is a tiny dog with gigantic personality. Thought to have originated in Africa, the Chinese Crested, also known as the Crested, was a common passenger on Chinese trade ships in the 13th century. The toy breed was used to reduce vermin populations at sea and was often traded among merchants when the ships would port. The Chinese Crested can still be found in port cities across the world. Today, the lovable hairless toy breed is more likely to be found snuggling with its owner under a blanket. A true companion, the Chinese Crested is exceptionally gentle and patient with children of all ages. Its abundant fondness for people has earned the Crested the nickname of a “Velcro” dog, as it often will physically attach itself to its owner by wrapping its paws around the neck.