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Cocker Spaniel lovers will be wagging their tails when they see this one-of-a-kind Cocker Spaniel jewelry collection. This unique line features the Cocker Spaniel pendant with a pheasant in the body because they were bred to hunt these types of fowl. Our matching Cocker Spaniel earrings also feature the pheasant inside the bodies to complete this authentic collection. You will find the perfect Cocker Spaniel gift that any dog mom will enjoy.
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The American Cocker Spaniel is a very distinctive, classic breed that is one of the most beloved canines of all time. Cocker Spaniels have a well deserved reputation for being easygoing, sweet, cheerful, and amusing. The American Cocker can be a party covered in a fur suit with an ever-wagging tail! Cocker Spaniels can also light up a room when they are glamorously groomed. The American Cocker has won Best in Show at the prestigious US Westminster dog show four different times!

Inside an American Cocker Spaniel is the heart of a hunter while outside floats the glamour and striking beauty of a super model. Who can resist the Cocker Spaniel's cheerful temperament, amusing antics, and easygoing character? The American Cocker is the smallest breed in the sporting group. The Cocker Spaniel's tail is always wagging, they thrive on attention and Cockers are a party in a fur coat... all qualities which have helped secure the Cocker Spaniel as a much-loved family companion!