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Coming from a rich history of royal blood, our Collie jewelry showcases a beautiful line that will make a perfect gift for dog lovers. Originally used as Queen Victoria's watchdog, herding dog, and family member, our Collie pendant features a ram in the body to represent their herding history. Our line also features a rough coat or a smooth coat that can be found when you find the perfect pair of Collie earrings.
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Queen Victoria was always a trendsetter from Christmas trees to white wedding dresses. In the 1860s, the Queen visited the Scottish Highlands and there she fell in love with the Collie dog. This will come as no surprise to those already familiar with the breed. Queen Victoria loved animals and she used her jewelry to tell her own story throughout her life. The Collie is well known for intelligence, as a herding dog, a watchdog, and family member. Famously loyal, most of us have heard of Lassie and so when we think of a Collie we think of the long-haired Rough Coat Collie with the flowing mane and gorgeous fur. We count on these dogs to go find help after an unsuspecting youngster tumbles into a well. The Smooth Coat Collie is the short-coated version of a Collie. The origin of the name ‘Collie’ is somewhat unclear. Speculation includes the name may have been taken from the name of a sheep breed commonly kept in the Highlands, known as the “Colley”. The name may have also come from an Anglo-Saxon word that meant “useful.” This idea speaks particularly to the gentle nature and intelligence of the breed and the way the Collie fills our hearts with pride and joy, whether working, playing or snuggling.

The Collie is well known for their intelligence as a herding dog, a watchdog, and family member. They are notoriously mild-mannered, and usually a friend to all. The Collie’s superior intelligence and devotion is evident in the tale of Bobbie the Wonder Dog. In 1923, Bobbie became lost on a family vacation. This amazing Rough Collie walked 3000 miles from Indiana to Oregon to reunite with his family. You can imagine how that family must have felt when he arrived on their doorstep.