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Welcome to Dazzling Paws Jewelry

Business Overview

Dazzling Paws Jewelry caters to pet owners that love their dog and understand the extraordinary bond of a human-canine relationship. We specialize in Dog Breed designs, each featuring a surprise element which illustrates the purpose of the breed. The line also includes designs in the categories of Dog Sport, Memorial, Beads, Cats, and Rings in addition to our general pendants and earrings, many of those with a story of their own.

Our product line reflects the diversity of our customers. We are always open for new ideas to strengthen our product line. Please feel free to contact me (Myra) about pet jewelry pieces you feel we should design.

Dazzling Paws Jewelry operates by one philosophy – Do whatever it takes to make you, the customer, happy! It is our pleasure to do so.

As a Responsible Business Citizen, Dazzling Paws Jewelry:
  • Is 100% handmade in the USA.
  • Stocks up to 98% of our products, ready to ship.
  • Is proud to Pawtner with responsible dog/cat-related charities to give back to the pet community, as well as supporting MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and breast cancer related events.

We are also proud to be a Green Company, continually incorporating ways to reuse and recycle or reduce our footprint whenever possible.
  • 100% of our designs are made from recycled silver
  • Most of our packaging and gift wrap material is recycled
  • In 2008 we reduced our paper consumption by 40% in the order process, utilizing Email for receipts when possible and any special forms requested.
  • Our 2016 remodeling project afforded the opportunity to further incorporate green initiatives.

Staff’s Feedback

I love my sales career with Dazzling Paws Jewelry (DPJ) because it’s fun, creative, interesting and flexible! I can take my work with me anywhere, affording me the time to travel with my husband and dogs! I spend my days sharing a beautiful “Made in USA” product I believe in. At DPJ my input is welcomed which makes me feel valued. We are a tight knit family, working toward the same goal – Happy Customers! I love working at DPJ! It’s doesn’t really feel like work at all! Ginger - Sales Representative

If you love beautiful jewelry, animals, humor in the workplace, surprise gifts in your purse after a meeting, crazy ringtones on your phone in unexpected places, and handwritten notes in your paycheck indicating your value and employer appreciation of your efforts, you’ll love it as I do! I enjoy the brainstorming marketing meetings, or just the freedom to surprise Myra with a design that I believe she would like. Mary Jo - Graphics Manager

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to “transition” into retirement through my hands-on, variety-packed, humor-in-every-day, position as Product Specialist at Dazzling Paws Jewelry. What can I say – what started as seasonal turned into 5+ years! Never too old to learn new tricks! And the fact that my old dog can hang out with me at work, and I get to eat blueberries all summer season are perks not found anywhere else I know of!! This is a great sustainable small business with integrity and a professional, compassionate group that work well together under direction of our fearless leader, to provide the best service our clients. Chris - Product Specialist

Dazzling Paws Jewelry is considered a small business, but they have the biggest Heart! They always find time to get to know each employee individually, and support you in both work-related and personal situations.

DPJ stands behind their products which makes selling it easier. In addition to their philosophy of making the customer happy, they go above and beyond for their employees as well. Debbie - Sales Representative

Working at Dazzling Paws Jewelry means being part of a highly creative team. Myra encourages each of us to learn and expand on our skill sets at every opportunity. Whether on the road traveling to shows, working in the office, or as a remote employee or consultant - the ability to learn and share new found knowledge is the key to long term success and longevity. Carefully placing each of us in a position which allows us to capitalize on our strengths, while offering projects that allow us all to move beyond our circle of comfort to rise up to new challenges keeps each day interesting, and fosters an environment that truly offers growth potential as an individual and a company. A true jeweler she instinctively knows how to take a diamond in the rough, and turn it into a true one of a kind sparkling gem. Nikki – Copywriter – Former Product Specialist

Working at Dazzling Paws Jewelry in this position has provided the opportunity to wear many hats – assembling and processing customer orders, managing social media posts and data, or photographing new pieces to launch on the website are forefront currently. I also have many opportunities to learn something new, creating a stronger appreciation of the detailed work I do while enhancing my skills set. The position challenges me in the best way possible. Rachel - Product Specialist

I had the privilege of working for Dazzling Paws Jewelry and very much enjoyed my time there. I was completely new to the jewelry industry so I was able to learn a great deal from Myra. I knew from my first interview that I wanted to work with Myra and her team. As the Sales Manager, I was able to cultivate relationships with many different wholesale and retail clients and to build the Dazzling Paws Jewelry brand even more. I also got to travel the country attending various dog and jewelry shows creating memories I won't forget. Throughout my time, I not only learned about the jewelry industry, but also about entrepreneurship, dedication and true workmanship from Myra. I still have the utmost respect for her as a boss and as a friend. When you work for a company when you can see firsthand, and also feel, how passionate the owner and team members are, you know it's a great place to be. Jenna Lavey – Former Sales Manager

Company History

Back in 1999, my husband and I were making tons of tennis ball rope tug toys for dogs by hand to be used for Border Collie Rescue fundraising. One of the members of the rescue group nicknamed our little sweatshop operation “Doggy Toyland”. The name stuck with us and it grew into a retail business. In 2003, we opened our online retail store and became vendors at various pet expos, horse fairs, agility trials, flyball tournaments and other national pet related events. Our vision was to offer all pet-friendly and environment friendly toys and products. We loved meeting and connecting with other animal lovers! You will still find us at dog shows covering the entire USA.

While vending at a dog show, an admiring customer inquired about the ring I had on and wanted to buy it. Well that got me thinking… My background is in jewelry and design. I started working at a jewelry store at age 16 and by 18 was designing jewelry for the prestigious wedding market. My pieces have been featured in Modern Bride and Bridal Guide: some are still being manufactured today. I began to research unique dog jewelry for people and could not find the selection or quality I knew there was a demand for. So in 2004, I drew on my experience and love of dogs to launch my Sterling Silver Agility jewelry line. The Agility jewelry is very unique; all the charms are three-dimensional and show incredible detail. One customer said that it brought back memories of her beautiful childhood dollhouse and miniature collection of accessories for it. To make a long story short(er), my Agility jewelry caught fire which sparked design for other dog sports, more lines, themes and accessories in dog jewelry essentials that speak to the heart of a person’s love for their dog! As business continues to grow each year; adding new and exciting jewelry pieces and new and wonderful customers.

By 2010, jewelry had become a major part of the business. The Doggy Toyland name did not quite fit our product line or evolving business identity. I have always been inspired by customer feedback so I took the opportunity to engage them through a “Name That Brand” contest. I was overwhelmed by the response. Contestants Ruth Wenzel and Judi Gullickson had submitted the same name and were chosen the winners. That is how the name Dazzling Paws Jewelry came about. It had really become apparent that the distinctive jewelry for people who love dogs was what made this company special and successful. As of July 1, 2012 Dazzling Paws Jewelry became the official name and sole focus of the business as we dropped the other pet products we carried. Customer demand for this unique pet jewelry line facilitated the need for a change in direction and focus.

About Myra The Owner and Designer

My husband, Trent and I are the proud owners of three adopted rescue dogs: two Border Collies- Flip and Surf and one Sheltie- Joy. Flip is a foster failure. We had fostered many Border Collies for Rescue groups and always knew our place was to help them in their journey to their perfect forever home . . .until Flip… he entered our lives as a foster but it didn’t take long before we knew he was meant to stay here with us! Surf came to us from Border Collie Rescue Texas Inc. A girlfriend of mine knew he was my next dog after my forever dog Pyro passed away. She drove him all the way to WI from TX as she was that sure he was our next dog. Joy is a transport rescue failure. I volunteered to help with transporting this sweet Sheltie girl for Sheltie rescue but she fit in like she’d always been with us and we know it was fate for her to stay. Shelby was my Heart Dog and one of the co-founding dogs of the business. Shelby passed away in the fall of 2011 but her legacy left a profound impact in our lives and the business. Pyro was my Forever Dog who passed away in the spring of 2018; he was another one of the co-founding dogs who also made an important impact.

I have been helping in various capacities with Border Collie Rescue and Shelters since 1999, including working on fundraising events and serving as active board member. My husband, Trent and I have also fostered many Border Collies, transported countless dogs across the country while traveling to do shows, helped rehabilitate dogs with training issues so they could be successfully re-homed, and we’ve generally helped and supported Border Collie Rescue efforts in any way we could, and continue to do so. I have always been an animal lover and grew up surrounded by creatures and critters of every kind.

I have a great love and passion for animals and for years have enjoyed giving back to the animal community. I enjoy being on the road, seeing my dog friends, plus getting feedback and inspiration about new designs. I take great pride in the relationships I’ve made and experiences we’ve shared. It is true… I will often remember your dog’s name first before remembering yours but curiously most people don’t mind and many tell me that they are the same way. It’s a “dog person” thing.

I have always loved wearing jewelry for the way it makes me feel, and the sentimental value attached to the different times in my life. I appreciated the style, unique design and quality craftsmanship. All of my designs have a story behind them, mark an occasion, or keep me connected to a special person, animal or memory.

I’m driven and passionate about creating new design. I find my inspiration from everything . . .never without my trusty drawing book . . . not exactly knowing when, or in what form, that inspiration will present itself . . . person, place, animal, travel, conversation, etc.!

Please contact me at:
Myra Westphal
715-345-1314, CST 8am – 5pm M-F