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Entertaining and affectionate with an adaptable nature correctly describes the French Bulldog! Combine that with the wonderful French Bulldog personality, lower exercise needs and shorter, low maintenance coat and it is easy to see why French Bulldog lovers are captivated by the Frenchie breed. They love to be the center of attention and clown around with their people, yet the French Bulldog is willing to please when positive methods and the proper motivation are used to bring out the best in any French Bulldog!

French Bulldogs can be the little clowns of the canine world and they love being the center of attention. With the French Bulldog’s distinctive body, telltale “bat ears”, adorable wrinkles and big personality, Frenchie’s often do shine in the spotlight! French Bulldogs are affectionate companion dogs that want to please and need to be with their people which explain the many admirers of the French Bulldog breed.