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Noble and dignified, our Gordon Setter jewelry creates the perfect sense of lustrous appeal in this line that will make a great dog gift to other Gordon Setter lovers. Our Gorden Setter pendant is uniquely designed with a grouse inside the body due to their hunting history. You will excude a sense of intelligence when you wear Gordon Setter earrings that are bold, yet captivating.
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The Gordon Setter is a noble and dignified breed known for its loyalty and devotion to family. Gordons have superior powers of empathy and sensitivity; they are affectionate and thrive on attention. While the Gordon Setter is sweet and gentle with their family they also make great protectors being wary of strangers and having a big bark. Gordons are intelligent, thoughtful with an excellent memory and nose for birds; Gordon Setters are majestic dogs that make wonderful companions whether at home cuddling on the couch or out hunting in the field.

Gordon Setters possess a large vocabulary which includes a comical variety of tones and sounds which they are eager to use in expressing themselves. Gordons verbalize joyful greetings, tentative warnings and rousing sing-a-longs of playful merriment. The Gordon Setter is an attractive, bold yet generously affectionate sporting breed that is usually seen with a cheerfully wagging tail! They are slow to mature, but Gordon Setter fans say they adore the Gordon’s young-at-heart attitude and puppy like qualities they maintain well into their advanced years.