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The Jack Russell Terrier’s name comes from the Reverend John Russell, an avid fox hunter given credit for breeding one of the most remarkable strains of working fox terriers. Jack Russell Terriers have earned a well deserved reputation for being versatile, highly intelligent, busy, and athletic. Jack Russell Terriers are keen for work, activity and entertainment. JRT’s want to be with you all the time helping and being part of the action, a Jack is not content to watch from the sidelines. Jack Russell Terriers like testing their limits and can be very good at training their owners.

We give credit to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America and love their description of the Jack Russell as “the dog that does”... from hunting to agility, racing, surfing, flyball, skate boarding, search and rescue, therapy and more. Jacks are not the right dog for everyone but if you are successfully owned and operated by a JRT you know, it’s a Jack Russell Terrier’s world and we just live in it! Jacks demand activity and stimulation. This busy breed needs a job or the Jack Russell will invent its own, which can also be entertaining as long as their antics are constructive and safe.