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Impressive in appearance, our Keeshond jewelry line captures the essence of this breed that will make a great gift for Keeshond lovers. Originally bred as a watchdog and companion for voyagers traveling through canals and rivers in Holland, our unique Keeshond necklace can be worn with pride at this highly intelligent breed. You can also wear matching Keeshond earrings that is sure to make your friends drool.
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Originally bred as a watchdog and companion for voyageurs traveling through the canals and rivers of Holland in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Keeshond is a unique breed with a truly impressive appearance. The Keeshond, also known as the Kees, “Dutch Barge Dog”, and “German Spitz” is a lively, intelligent, and incredibly cheerful companion breed. A highly trainable member of the spitz family, the Keeshond is eager to please and quick to trust. While the Keeshond makes for an optimal family pet, the companion breed also reigns supreme as a show dog. The Kees is a fierce competitor in the obedience ring and conformation ring, as well as in agility and rally events.

Today, the patient and cheerful Keeshond, nicknamed the Kees, is a popular family pet for households with children of all ages. The Kees is also a successful show dog and a frequent winner in conformation show, obedience show, and rally and agility events.