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Known to be a firece protector centuries ago in England, our Mastiff jewelry is a distinctive line. An ancient breed, our Mastiff pendant features a castle in its body to depict the breed's history in protecting Julius Caesar during his invasion to Britain. Our Mastiff earrings also excude a sense of pride and power that will leave your friends in awe. This one-of-a-kind line makes the perfect dog gift for other Mastiff lovers.
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The Mastiff is a calm, self assured and dignified protector with a big presence, powerful muscles and a giant head displaying a black-masked face... coincidence? Or maybe the Mastiff is the superhero of dogdom.

Many of today’s dog breeds boast the Mastiff in their ancestry. And while they may look imposing, the Mastiff also has an alert, sweet and kindly expression with endearing forehead wrinkles that make them so lovable and almost irresistible to kiss and hug!