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Want a devoted and loyal dog? Our Rottweiler jewelry line will not let you down when you share your dog gifts with other Rottweiler lovers. Known to be courageous and intelligent, friends will be drooling when they see your Rottweiler necklace or Rottweiler earrings.
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The Rottweiler is a popular choice for a family pet or companion because they are devoted, loyal, and very versatile. Rotties are courageous and rugged with a high level of working intelligence and guarding instincts. Protective of their territory, Rottweilers make great watchdogs but those traits also need to be balanced with lots of training and socializing.

Rottweiler fans know that Rotties can be so loveable quite clownish with family and friends which also makes them wonderful therapy dogs. Rottweilers can be very strong competitors in several dog sports like obedience, tracking, IPO or schutzhund. It’s common to see Rotties working as guard dogs, police dogs, service dogs and search and rescue dogs.