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Bred to hunt rats, fox, and badgers in the Scottish Highlands, our Scottish Terrier jewelry line is sure to impress. Scottish Terrier lovers are sure to find a special dog gift for any occassion. Just like their history states, the Scottish Terrier pendant was designed with rats in the body to represent their hunting skills. Our Scottish Terrier earrings are also sure to add a stunning accent to any outfit.
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Scottish Terriers were developed to hunt rats, fox, and badgers on the uneven rocky Scottish Highlands. The Scottie is believed to be the oldest of the Highland Terriers. The “diehard” Terrier has modest farm dog origins, but in the 17th century King James I gave the vivacious dog as gifts. Celebrities of the golden age of the silver screen Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis also favored the clever Scottie. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s faithful companion, Fala, is perhaps one of the most famous Scottish Terriers.

The Scottie silhouette was used extensively in Depression era advertising, and is still popular today with textile makers looking for a retro accent. The compact working dog has a thick set body and hard wiry coat. Short legs, erect ears and tail with a keen expression all lead to the appearance of power packed into a small package. The high spirited, independent Terrier has a human-like personality, preferring human companions to the company of other dogs. The working dog from the Terrier group is an eager hunter, an alert watchdog, and treasured member of the family. Sparkle with the confidence of your favorite Scottish Terrier when you wear Sterling Silver Scottie jewelry.