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Known for being adventurous, our Smooth Fox Terrier jewelry will have you exploring our dog jewelry collection. Used during the 17th century for fox hunting, our Smooth Fox Terrier pendant is designed with a fox in its body to represent this unique piece of history. You can also wear Smooth Fox Terrier earrings that are sure to stun the crowd. Get a great dog gift for other Smooth Fox Terrier lovers today.
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The adventurous Smooth Fox Terrier originated in the British Isles in the 17th century. Fox Terriers were often used during grand foxhunting events along with horses and huge packs of hounds. The strong little terriers rode in saddlebags and were released to hunt foxes. The tenacious Foxie would then dig and bark until the fox would give up its cover and the chase could begin again.

Today, you are more likely to see the spirited sporting terrier as a pet or show dog. Energetic and inquisitive, the "gentleman of the terrier world" is happiest with active families who love to take their SFT on the go with them. Affectionate and protective, the vocal Smooth Fox Terrier can be a great family watch dog, alerting with their humans to strangers approaching. Compact, powerful, and built for speed, Smooth Fox Terriers are great trick dogs. Members of the SFT breed have performed around the world in circuses and performance groups. Smooth Fox Terrier fine jewelry is a remarkable gift to commemorate the love for the Foxie who captured your heart.