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The West Highland White Terrier or Westie (as they are affectionately known), was bred to hunt rats and other critters. These energetic, feisty little terriers are hard-wired with Earthdog hunting instincts. Westies are also loyal, entertaining and absolutely adorable but don’t be fooled- they are not froo-froo couch potatoes. The Westie Terrier is hardy and tough... a lot of dog in a smaller package. Self-assured and full of personality, Westies have captivated the hearts of many adding joy and even a little frustration to the lives of their favorite people.

West Highland White Terriers are full of character! Westies are bold, happy, spirited and social dogs that thrive on interaction and love to play. Westies have energetic personalities that will keep you entertained by their antics and in wonder at their creative thought process. Give the Westy a proper outlet for their terrier breed instincts and your West Highland White Terrier will make a wonderful traveling partner and companion.